International conference


University of Dundee

Wednesday 6 June - Saturday 9 June 2007.


This conference will examine the idea that human beings should be

viewed as members of a single community even if they are also divided

into separate religious, ethnic and cultural groups, nations and states.

We will consider this idea as a moral concept in the world today and as

it has been expressed in different cultures in the past.


Where and when did the idea of a universal humanity develop? What are

the alternative views? How have relations with outsiders or

non-believers been conceptualised in different cultures? We will

consider one-world ethics, overcoming borders, the `other' in philosophy

and religion.


This conference is inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary. We look, for

example, at Buddhism and Islam alongside ancient Greece and modern

Europe. We look at the issues as they are treated in the disciplines of

history, philosophy, politics, religious studies and international



The conference is organised by Antony  Black and Brian Baxter

(Department of Politics), Tim Chappell (Department of Philosophy) and

Martine Vanittersum (Department of History) from the University of



List of invited speakers:


The keynote address will be given by former BBC foreign correspondent

and independent MP, Martin Bell.


Liz Ashford, St Andrews:         Human rights and famine

Brian Baxter, Dundee:                Cosmopolitanism and Environmentalism

Eric Brown, St Louis:                Ancient Rome

Tony Burns, Nottingham:                Natural Law      

Michael Carrithers, Durham:         Buddhism and Social Anthropology

Tim Chappell, Dundee:                 Ancient Greece

Nigel Dower, Aberdeen:                Cosmopolitanism Today

Carole Hillenbrand, Edinburgh: Islamic thought

Chris Laursen, California:        Cosmopolitanism in Early Modern


Onora O'Neill, Cambridge:          Kant

Yuri Pines:        Jerusalem                Ancient China

Tony Parel, Calgary:                 Gandhi

Nick Rengger, St. Andrews:        Cosmopolitanism in Practice

Paul Sigmund, Princeton:         Medieval and Renaissance thought in


Martine Vanittersum, Dundee:          Grotius

Rowan Williams,

 Archbishop of Canterbury:        Christian Thought



It is intended to publish an edited book based on the conference



Proposals for papers, with a one page abstract, should be sent  by  30

September 2006 to:


Professor Antony Black

Department of Politics

University of Dundee

Dundee DD1 4HN

Scotland UK